Friday, February 25, 2011

Brush Teeth

Brennan loves to brush his teeth. One of the many things he observed us doing for the longest time, so when we started brushing his teeth, he jumped at the opportunity to be able to do another thing that Daddy and Papa do. Other activities falling into this category include washing hands, putting lotion on, putting chapstick on, and others.

It's now to the point where he doesn't want us to brush his teeth. He wants to do it himself. He's actually pretty good at it so this is mostly okay with us. And when he sees a toothbrush lying around, he wants to brush his teeth regardless of whether they've been recently brushed.

He's certainly making Mommaw--his grandmother/former dental assistant--proud.


Bobby said...

We do the "Brusha-brusha" song and although she's always enjoyed brushing her teeth, that seems like it's become secondary to the real fun of turning the water on and off.

Bobby said...

BTW his smile is adorable!

cash advance said...

I prefer it to be more natural. Good point.

shanecastane said...
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