Friday, January 7, 2011

The Class Clown

I've often thought, since Brennan was very young, that he had the potential to be somewhat of a class clown. I've always thought he is very smart and will be successful -- just with how curious he is and how he is determined to figure out how things work. But he also likes to make people laugh, even it if requires being a little naughty. He always has been a performer around crowds. Whenever we take him to a party, he wants to be the center of attention -- dancing, singing, doing whatever he can to get people to watch him. Or when he was younger, he would run all around the waiting area at the airport clapping and saying "yay," getting everyone in the terminal to clap and cheer with him. He would make a great mascot in high school if he's not on the sports team.

At his family daycare, I think we're getting a little preview of what's to come. Apparently, this week, when all the kids go down for a nap, Brennan has started trying to keep them all up and and get them to play. Which is sort of funny, because he loves to sleep, and even nap.

The picture above is a little hard to make out -- crappy Blackberry camera. But it's Brennan trying to make a cat laugh.