Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy in NYC

Daddy went to NYC this week with Adrienne, so Brennan & Papa had some fun together at home.  We went to the playground every day, went on plenty of walks, and had a lot of fun.  He always wants to do whatever the big kids are doing.  Even playing on the big kid equipment at the playground:

Yes Papa called himself Daddy when he was ready to go down the slide.  No wonder Brennan sometimes gets our names mixed up too.  Brennan's not quite walking yet without help, but he has fun pushing things around.

The baby dolls in the stroller escaped with only minor injuries.  This was in a great indoor playground we go to on rainy days.  After practicing with the stroller, Brennan tried his luck on the "race track" in the indoor playground, pushing around little cars until he was exhausted.  Then at home after a refreshing nap, Brennan was ready to go again, pushing a whole train: