Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend videos

We went to New York for Thanksgiving. Below are some of the highlights from the trip. These videos take forever to load, so these aren't all of the videos, but we'll post the rest tomorrow.

First, we get started on the trip, successfully dodging traffic on the way down to NYC.

We have a nice hotel room...

We had a little change in plans for dinner. Tavern on the Green didn't work out...

Next day, wandering our the crowds on Fifth Avenue.

And a few seconds later...

Getting ready to see Shrek. Carl was directing the aim of the camera at the end (which is why I was a little confused about where the camera was pointing).

We were a little early for the show, so we went and hung out in a Sheraton.

After the show, we went to the stage door so Carl could meet his favorite Broadway actress, Sutton Foster. Carl made me stand out in the street to make sure I got a good picture and video. The flash you see in the video is me taking a picture with the camera in the other hand. The picture is below the video.

On Saturday, we went out to Chelsea Piers -- a sports & entertainment complex on the Hudson river. We only had about an hour, so all we could sneak in was ice skating and the batting cages, although Carl had his eye on the gymastics area.

Carl did very well in the batting cages.

And eventually, our trip had to come to an end. After a brief stop for gas in Brooklyn (which Carl was less than thrilled about), we were back on the freeway to Boston.

Welcome to our blog

Well, here is our first post. We're going to use the blog to keep everyone updated on our lives. Unfortunately, our lives aren't that interesting at the moment, but as we begin to start a family, we'll certainly have more to post about.