Sunday, May 17, 2009

The last 11 days

Papa has been enjoying the tail end of his leave time with Brennan very much -- going to parks, the grocery store, and other fun outings. And even trying to sneak the camera out to catch a good smile:

Hanging out with Daddy last week:

Papa taking a few videos while hanging out with Brennan last week:

Playing with Daddy after he got home from work and getting distracted by the camera:

Some more playing with Papa on Papa's last few days of leave (I'm sure we'll have more videos of Daddy when he's home with Brennan!)

This past weekend, Aunt Amy came to visit. Amy brought Brennan a new toy, which he loves:

On Saturday afternoon, we went to a park in Arlington that overlooks the burbs & the city. It has a great playground too that Brennan can't wait to play on with his cousins.

The view from overlook park

Chillin back at home:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rolling Over & Other Stuff

Brennan rolled over from tummy to back for the first time this weekend. He had done this on mattresses before, but this was the first time on a harder surface. Of course, after he did it once and we got out the camera, Brennan denied our first attempt at getting this achievement on video:

We tried again, this time with success:

After that, it was easy:

But all this work had a minor side effect:

A few pictures to post too. Brennan has been smiling like crazy lately, but every time we bring out (or even reach for) the camera, he drops the smile. Here's my best attempt at capturing the smile yesterday:

Here's Brennan sitting on Papa's lap at dinner. He likes to sit with us at the table and watch us eat. We're going to set up the high chair soon.

I had a little better success at capturing some smiles today:

Hanging out watching hockey with Papa:

Hanging out on the floor:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally another update

Much has happened since we last posted. Carl went back to work on April 22, so Brennan and I have been home having some fun. The weather became great right around the same time, so we've been going to a bunch of parks, going on long walks, and opening the windows to enjoy the breeze. Brennan continues to grow and get strong and smarter. We weighed him using the Wii Fit a few days ago -- he's about 14 1/2 pounds. Now when we put him down for a nap or to sleep at night, when we check on him, we find he has moved himself around in his crib. And he can very slowly move during tummy time, as he kicks his legs and reaches with his arms. He probably moves a couple inches a minute -- not exactly crawling, but a good start! He smiles like crazy. He smiles when he's done with a nap and you pick him up from his crib; he smiles when he's just cuddling and looking up at you. And over the last week, he's started giggling. The time he giggles the most is when you're changing him -- he finds this amusing for some reasons. He giggles pretty hard when you fuss with his arms to get them in and out of his shirts (ticklish a little?).

Here are some pictures and videos from the last few weeks.

Here's a big smile just hanging out on the floor (one of Brennan's favorite hobbies):

Brennan also loves just hanging out on the couch with Papa:

Although he stays awake a lot more in his carseat when we take him on walks or to the grocery store, he still occasionally ends up in nap mode when strapped in:

Stopping by Priscilla last Sunday: (Look how big he looks!)

Greeting Daddy when he gets home from work:

Brennan loves just kicking his legs and his arms around while on the floor:

Brennan really does giggle a lot, but every time we take out the camera to capture it, he gets distracted by the camera. Below is our best attempt so far at capturing the giggle: