Sunday, May 17, 2009

The last 11 days

Papa has been enjoying the tail end of his leave time with Brennan very much -- going to parks, the grocery store, and other fun outings. And even trying to sneak the camera out to catch a good smile:

Hanging out with Daddy last week:

Papa taking a few videos while hanging out with Brennan last week:

Playing with Daddy after he got home from work and getting distracted by the camera:

Some more playing with Papa on Papa's last few days of leave (I'm sure we'll have more videos of Daddy when he's home with Brennan!)

This past weekend, Aunt Amy came to visit. Amy brought Brennan a new toy, which he loves:

On Saturday afternoon, we went to a park in Arlington that overlooks the burbs & the city. It has a great playground too that Brennan can't wait to play on with his cousins.

The view from overlook park

Chillin back at home:

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MJ said...

Wow, Pat! It feels like eons since we've talked and look at how much has changed. I'm so glad everything is going so well for you (and Carl & Brennan too!!)