Monday, April 12, 2010

Talking and Almost Walking

Brennan has been talking up a storm lately.  He says "daddy," "papa," "night-night" (when he's tired), "no" (when you're doing something that annoys him, he will discipline you), "yes," "ducky" (both ducks and dogs both get called "ducky", and of course, "hi," which he says to pretty much everyone who looks at him.  He's stood up a couple of times, but hasn't quite made it to walking yet -- he gets where he wants just fine by crawling, so why bother?  

He climbed up the stairs yesterday, which he hadn't done in a while, but we wanted to see daddy (who was upstairs), so he was determined to find him.  

He loves the noisy things attached to the fridge, which we finally took out of the boxes:

The only downside is this is all the way across the room from the other noisy toys, so he can't quite get all the noisy toys making noises all at once, despite his best efforts.