Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Continued

Daddy and Papa made Brennan a great Easter basket:

Here's Brennan with both of his Easter baskets -- the one from his Daddy & Papa and the one from the Easter Bunny. He's either waving "hi" or annoyed that we're taking so many pictures!

Daddy, Papa, and Brennan with Brennan's Easter baskets and gifts:

After church, Daddy got Brennan all dressed up in his Easter outfit:

We had an Easter lunch with our good friends the DeMotts. Brennan got along with them very well, especially Lynne!

At the end of the day, we managed to get a good family shot with Daddy, Papa, Brennan, Bam-paw, and Mom-maw.

Easter Week and Weekend

We're a little behind on the blog updates -- it might take a few posts to get caught up. Wednesday we took our first formal pictures. Brennan did well. He smiles a lot, but not always on command -- the photographer kept trying to get him to smile, but Brennan wasn't quite in the mood. Despite that, we still got some good pictures in. The video below was the outfit Brennan wore for the pictures -- getting some more kisses from Daddy.

Thursday, we headed over to Rochester for Easter. We spent all day driving Thursday. Brennan did great -- we had to stop for a couple of feedings, but other than that, he slept through the trip. He loves his carseat.

Friday morning, Brennan flipped over from his chest to his back for the first time. After he did it a second time, we got the camera to try to capture it on video, but then, true to his reputation, he got camera shy and decided two times was plenty. On Friday, Patrick got some good hanging out time with Brennan:

Friday for lunch we went to one of Carl's favorite places to eat, BW3 (aka Buffalo Wild Wings). We had to take advantage of being in Rochester, as the closest BW3 is on Long Island.
On the way home, Brennan had some deep thoughts.

Friday afternoon, Brennan had a good time hanging out with Bam-Paw.

And Brennan also got some time in bonding with Mom-maw.

Saturday night, Brennan got a good bath from Mom-Maw so that he's be nice and clean for Easter Sunday:

More to come... including Easter pictures!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Brennan got three shots this morning -- he wasn't too happy about that, but aside from a little fussing this afternoon, he's been just fine today. Then we had some more Greek food for lunch, stopped by to say hello to the ladies at Priscilla, and then hurried home to watch the Red Sox opening day.

This follows up on a wonderful night last night -- where Brennan got 6 1/2 hours of sleep after we put him down at about 10. Hopefully those stretches only keep getting longer. Below are a couple videos that we took last week, but that I didn't upload last night because they take forever to upload.

First -- here's daddy giving Brennan some kisses.

Also, over the last week, Brennan has developed a new appreciation for his play mat that Carl's friend Jenny sent him. At first he wasn't a fan because he always wanted to be held, but now he can hang out and hit the little dangly toys for an hour:

Tomorrow we're going to try to have some pictures taken, then Thursday, we're roadtripping to Rochester to visit Mom-maw and Bam-paw for Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The last week or so

Last week was a blur. We're trying to alternate having individual bonding time with Brennan, while the other person can go and get some time away from the house. On Monday, I went out to the gym while Carl stayed home and hung out with Brennan. On Tuesday, Carl went out shopping while I stayed home to get some bonding time with Brennan -- although this consisted mostly of Brennan napping on my chest. We had a few rocky sleep nights -- noting too awful, just an occasional waking up in between feedings. Overall though, sleep has still been pretty plentiful.

On Wednesday, we made attempt #2 at taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, and this time, we were successful. All of the workers there were thrilled with Brennan -- we got some good pictures, such as this one:

On Thursday, Carl took Brennan to Brimmer & May so Brennan could meet Carl's friends and coworkers there. Here are some pictures from that:

Friday...I just don't remember (I asked Carl if he remembered -- he didn't either).

On Saturday, we got some Greek food for lunch and made a trip to the grocery store.

On Sunday, we tried out a new church in Brookline. We actually had planned to go to the "United Parish of Brookline," an "open and affirming" UCC (United Church of Christ) church we had been reading about online, but Sunday morning when I was checking the address online, I typed in "First Parish of Brookline." A lot of UCC congregations are called "First Parish of [whatever town you live in]" so this was a simple mistake. We didn't realize the mistake until after we sat down and looked more closely at the worship program. However, this was no problem -- we ended up at a Unitarian Universalist church rather than a UCC congregation. Both churches are very friendly and embracing of "different" kinds of families like ours, and we ended up staying and enjoying it quite a bit. The First Parish is in a beautiful part of Brookline near Brookline Resevoir, which has a nice walking trail that we'll definitely visit for some nice walks with Brennan. We ran into a coworker of mine, and we also met a nice gay couple that had a three-year old black daughter. In fact, there were quite a few transracial & same-sex couples at the service. Even thouguh we came upon the First Parish by accident, we plan on going back.

Later Sunday, Gail and Matt came over to visit:

Brennan has been doing a ton of babbling lately, but every time we try to capture this on our camera, he gets a little camera shy. Below are a couple of our attempts at capturing Brennan talking to us:

Sunday night was great--we put Brennan down at 10, he slept til 3, and then after that, he slept until about 7 -- so really only one night feeding. Hopefully we can repeat tonight. OK, time to run down to Brennan's room to get him all swaddled up. We have a couple more cute videos that we'll post soon.