Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Week and Weekend

We're a little behind on the blog updates -- it might take a few posts to get caught up. Wednesday we took our first formal pictures. Brennan did well. He smiles a lot, but not always on command -- the photographer kept trying to get him to smile, but Brennan wasn't quite in the mood. Despite that, we still got some good pictures in. The video below was the outfit Brennan wore for the pictures -- getting some more kisses from Daddy.

Thursday, we headed over to Rochester for Easter. We spent all day driving Thursday. Brennan did great -- we had to stop for a couple of feedings, but other than that, he slept through the trip. He loves his carseat.

Friday morning, Brennan flipped over from his chest to his back for the first time. After he did it a second time, we got the camera to try to capture it on video, but then, true to his reputation, he got camera shy and decided two times was plenty. On Friday, Patrick got some good hanging out time with Brennan:

Friday for lunch we went to one of Carl's favorite places to eat, BW3 (aka Buffalo Wild Wings). We had to take advantage of being in Rochester, as the closest BW3 is on Long Island.
On the way home, Brennan had some deep thoughts.

Friday afternoon, Brennan had a good time hanging out with Bam-Paw.

And Brennan also got some time in bonding with Mom-maw.

Saturday night, Brennan got a good bath from Mom-Maw so that he's be nice and clean for Easter Sunday:

More to come... including Easter pictures!