Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Brennan got three shots this morning -- he wasn't too happy about that, but aside from a little fussing this afternoon, he's been just fine today. Then we had some more Greek food for lunch, stopped by to say hello to the ladies at Priscilla, and then hurried home to watch the Red Sox opening day.

This follows up on a wonderful night last night -- where Brennan got 6 1/2 hours of sleep after we put him down at about 10. Hopefully those stretches only keep getting longer. Below are a couple videos that we took last week, but that I didn't upload last night because they take forever to upload.

First -- here's daddy giving Brennan some kisses.

Also, over the last week, Brennan has developed a new appreciation for his play mat that Carl's friend Jenny sent him. At first he wasn't a fan because he always wanted to be held, but now he can hang out and hit the little dangly toys for an hour:

Tomorrow we're going to try to have some pictures taken, then Thursday, we're roadtripping to Rochester to visit Mom-maw and Bam-paw for Easter.