Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rolling around

So after three nights in a row of sleeping through the night, we were in for a different kind of surprise on Wednesday night. Around 3am, we hear him fussing. No big deal, we figure. We knew he wasn't completely done with night wakings. Carl goes in there to discover him -- on his tummy! Apparently he had rolled over in his sleep. He's rolled over from tummy-to-back plenty of times before, but this was the first back-to-tummy. Carl figures this is why he's fussing, so he just puts him back on his back and goes back to bed. A few minutes later, he's fussing again. I go in there this time, and whatayaknow, he's on his tummy again. This time I pick him up, wrap him back up in his blanket, and put him on his back. I step out of the room and watch him first kick the blanket off himself, and then roll over to his tummy, and then right back over to his back. By this time he's pretty awake and realizing that he's a little hungry. So we give him a little snack, and then he's back to sleep for the night.

Right after feeding him, I went right up to the third floor to consult our favorite what-to-do baby guide, "Baby 411." Turns out we don't need to stand over his crib and return him to his back every time he flips over -- if he's strong enough to flip over to his tummy, we can let him sleep like that. But for Brennan, it's going to take some time to sort out what to do when he ends up on his tummy. In the meantime, he's been a little fussier the last few nights, waking up a couple times a night and needing a little help to get back to a comfy position. He moves around quite a bit in his crib -- sometimes ending up pressed against the rails or in some other uncomfortable position. Of course, it's difficult to balance -- if we run in & help him out each time he gets uncomfortable, then he won't learn to sort things out himself, but at the same time, we need to sleep too, and we don't want him to get stuck, so we have been helping him out a little when he gets uncomfy. But even in these last few days since he's been doing this, he's gotten better at getting himself back in position. Tonight when he went down to sleep, he flipped over to his tummy and found himself not too comfy sort of near the rails, but we gave him a little time to figure it out, and 10 minutes later we went up there to find him in right in the middle of the crib -- still on his tummy, but asleep and nice & comfy. Since this happened for the first time Wednesday night, I think he's ended up on his tummy pretty much every time he's fallen asleep, for a nap or at night.

Taking a snooze on his tummy:

This week the Red Sox hosted the Yankees. Brennan watched the games with me on DVR in the morning:

Posing for a picture during a commercial break:


Mrs. C said...

Hello! Have you tried wedging him on his side with a couple rolled blankets nearby?

He might roll over anyway. :]

Patrick Vallely said...

Yeah -- he's a pretty strong kiddo, he'd probably end up on his tummy anyway. When he was just a few weeks old, we'd swaddle him nice and tight, and he'd fight the swaddle sometimes for an hour until he eventually freed himself. Not fussing or anything -- he just wanted his arms & legs to be fee so he could sleep in his "field goal" position. He's never been a fan of being constrained -- loves to stretch out.