Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Pictures

I'll also post some new videos shortly that overlap with these pictures. We've been having a good time since getting back to Boston a week and a half ago. Carl's friend Adrienne came into town Tuesday to meet Brennan. We went to the doctor on Wednesday -- Brennan was up to 10 lbs 7 oz. Definitely putting on some weight, and we can feel it whenever we have to pop his carseat in the car or pick him up out of his crib. Brennan has been sleeping very well in his new crib -- I'll post a video of his nursery in the next post. On Thursday, we went into the city to hang out a bit. Brennan is loving being carried around his Snugli that Auntie Amy sent him. Auntie Adrienne left on Friday, and then on Saturday, we had a bunch of our local Boston friends over to meet Brennan.

Afternoon at the Natick Mall.

Luch at the cheesecake factory.

In the Public Gardens in Boston.